Joye eVic starter Kits
$139.00 USD
€ 120.70 EUR
£98.08 GBP
4448.00руб RUB
PLN 529.31 PLN




Notice:There is a serial number for every Joyetech branded eVic kit, which is checked the authenticity of the eVic for the customers.

If the product you buy without serial number, please deny it. Any Joyetech branded eVic without serial number will not be provided
warranty or after sale service, also it can’t be upgraded eVic or MVR software later.
Vapor Intelligent Cigarette
The eVic revolutionarily adopts a visual
operating system which is able to record
and manage your vapor history. Mea-
nwhile, it can realize human-machine int-
eraction through connecting with compu-
ter, and show you smoking information
clearly. In addition, extra large capacity
gives you the perfect vapor all day long.
eVic visual operating system

Select “Version” and click enter button to show software version for this device.

* Visual operating system
* Device temperature monitoring
* Output short circuit protection
* Output open circuit protection
* Overtime working protection
* Low voltage protection
eVic is a milestone, a turning point, and a new development
direction of vapor intelligent electronic cigarette battery.
a. You can operate eVic through rotating direction key and
clicking enter button.
b. You can adjust the output power from 2.0W to 15W and
the output voltage from 3.0V to 5.0V by yourself.
c. eVic can be easily charged with the dedicated USB cable,
and the USB cable can connect with wall adaptor or
d. Choose an atomizer which you like to assemble with eVic,
then it is ready for use.
Features of eVic Battery:
* Model: SAMSUNG 18650
* 2600mAh high-safety, extra large capacity,
and high-stability dedicated lithium battery
Universal accessories:
The eVic is a versatile intelligent battery for electronic cigarette. It can be assembled directly with Joyetech 510 and
eGo series atomizers, and also can be assembled with more atomizers by an adaptor.

My Vapor Record (MVR) is a special PC
software of eVic. It has professional
data statistics function which can record your
vapor information more effectively.
br> Amazing! The design of PC software realizes
human-machine interaction through connecting
with computer. After your convenient and quick
setup, you just only click mouse gently, your
vapor record will be displayed on the computer.

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